How to Fix Firmware File is Not Compatible iPhone iPad iPod

For some unknown reason, some anti-virus programs will cause the malfunction of firmware file. You can try disabling your anti-virus software for a while, and run iTunes to update or restore your iPhone again. When restoring or updating iPhone/iPad with iTunes, you may get the error of „the firmware file is not compatible“. Follow this guide, it will explain what does it mean and give 4 solutions to fix this problem. The iPhone “iPhone” could not be restored because the firmware file was corrupt. To restore, DFU mode is a comparatively complex method. No matter if your device is stuck or crashing, again and again, DFU mode will take you to the restoration process.

  • This caused the phone to finally turn off and go black.
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  • Use this option as a last resort when all the above ways fail to fix the ‘iPhone software update failed error.
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No VE.Direct baudrates found in the update file. No Product Id found in the update file. Product updated successfully, but an error occurred restoring the settings.

  • When you boot your Mac into Safe Mode, your OS allows only the most necessary apps and programs to start up.
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  • While turning on my iPhone stays at Apple logo screen.

Please check the file location and access permissions. Updating failed due to version mismatch. Power cycle (off/on) your product and if that does not help try updating again, and check the product settings once updated. Error starting firmware after updating. Power cycle (off/on) your product and if that does not help, try updating again, and check the product settings once updated.

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Once you locate the UDID for your iDevice, delete its corresponding folder. (You can also move it to a safe location like your desktop.) Then, restart iTunes and try creating a new backup file. When the backup finishes, try restoring your iDevice. First, you need to delete your existing incompatible or corrupt backup from iTunes, create a new backup, and then restore your device with iTunes. Make sure you have installed the latest iTunes version on your computer. Some old iTunes versions might contain some bugs.